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Debbie Walters Permanent Makeup Artist

 Thinking About Permanent Makeup? 

There are so many benefits and reasons for considering permanent makeup. It’s a major time saver, just think no more continuous make up applications throughout the day. Having the confidence to know your makeup is perfect and will not accidentally rub or smear is a great reason to have this procedure!  This procedure is recommended by ophthalmologists, oncology specialists, and plastic surgeons alike for its cosmetic and health benefits. 

Traditional makeup is one of the biggest contributors to allergies, and some ingredients in makeup can cause eye infections. Permanent makeup is not necessarily intended to replace cosmetics entirely,the color is placed "in" your skin and not "on" your skin so you will have a more natural subtle look. If you want to spice it up you can always add more traditional makeup to give a bolder look.   

  What Are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent makeup is the art and science of implanting color into the skin in a very consistent and precise manner. There are several different tools that can be utilized for this purpose. The methods used for applying permanent makeup are pen machines, coil machines and the hand method. I only utilize the coil machine because it offers deeper implantation of the pigment and achieves superior results.

The coil method also helps add to the longevity of your color.  In order to utilize a coil machine a permanent makeup technician must undergo extensive education and training to be certified.
Performing your procedure in a safe manner with minimal discomfort is my top priority. If you select me to perform your service or if you choose another artist, ask them where they trained, for how long, and ask to see before and after pictures. Permanent makeup is permanent and it is not a decision one should take lightly. Unfortunately, there is no licensure in South Carolina and each artist is responsible for their own education or lack of. I am completely dedicated and trained to provide you with the best possible service due to my experience and quality of care.

  ​Why Permanent Makeup:

  •  Fills-in or restores color or empty spaces in the eyebrow area

  • Softly or dramatically enhances and accents the eyes 

  • Enhances the color and shape of the lips

  • Restores lost pigment due to surgery or accidents

  • Will not run, fade, flake, smudge, or disappear like traditional makeup

  • Will save you money as well as time

  •  For the everyday woman who wants to look her best

Permanent Makeup Candidates:

  • Have unsteady hands

  • Vision impaired

  • Are physically challenged

  • Have thin or sparse eyelashes or brows

  • Have traditional makeup allergies or just allergy sufferer

  • No knowledge of application

  •  Demanding job or life, no time for fuss every morning